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Ordering supplies takes longer than necessary?

Your order with OrderEngine is one short espresso away.

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App Features

OrderEngine makes ordering easier, communication more efficient, and enables better orders overview.

Creating new orders

When creating a new order, you can also choose a supplier, payment method, delivery date and time, as well as item/package return.

Resending orders

Every order you have sent is saved in “Sent orders”, and you can resend it (with or without changes) at any time.

Access to other users’ orders

Managers can monitor each other’s orders, as well as staff’s orders to stay in touch.

Saving draft orders

If you exit while creating a new order, the order will be saved in drafts. You can pick up where you left off with your order at any time.


When the supplier accepts or rejects your order, you get notified. By clicking on a notification, you can see order details.

Forwarding orders

A manager can preview, edit if necessary, and forward a received order to a supplier.

How can OrderEngine maximise your productivity?

OrderEngine targets communication problems and offers specific and simple solutions.



Ordering supplies for your venue takes up too much time because of countless calls and messages.

OrderEngine saves up your time and simplifies the ordering process – all you need is a few clicks.

Your staff place their orders via texts, calls, Viber, WhatsApp, in person, or on paper.

All daily requirements of the staff are in one place in OrderEngine.

Misunderstandings and mistakes in ordering are the result of unclear communication through various channels.

By using our app, you will be able to communicate more effectively in the procurement chain, and thus avoid mistakes.

OrderEngine – order in just few clicks

Suppliers supported in OrderEngine app

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Our packages

  • Start PackageFree1 device
  • Creating orders
  • Saving draft orders
  • Re-sending orders
  • Notifications about order status
  • Help and support
  • Basic Package*excluding VAT, for 1 month1.490 Din3 devices
  • Creating orders
  • Saving draft orders
  • Re-sending orders
  • Notifications about order status
  • Help and support
  • Ordering from multiple devices
  • Forwarding other staff’s orders
  • Access to other user’s orders
  • Managing users accounts
  • 1 Month Free!

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